Troubleshooting: RoadNav Map Download Error

I had an error today trying to download maps for Arkansas.  I wish I could provide a fix, but all I can do at this point is raise awareness to the error.

map_error by you.

The error read:

Error reading (An error occurred during negotiation).

I did find a bug open on the issue:

Testing the SVN checkout

svn co roadnav

When I ran ./configure, I got an error message about wxWindows.  It said “checking for wxconfig… no”.  I found that I needed to install libwxgtk2.6-dev (apt-get install libwxgtk2.6-dev). I also installed the 2.8 version.  I don’t know which it used.

Here is how I compiled it — libroadnav first.

cd $HOME/bin/roadnav/libroadnav/trunck
./configure –prefix=$HOME/bin/roadnav
make install

Now just roadnav

cd $HOME/bin/roadnav/roadav/trunk
./configure –with-libroadnav=$HOME/bin/roadnav –prefix=$HOME/bin/roadnav
make install


5 Responses to “Troubleshooting: RoadNav Map Download Error”

  1. Jeremybox Says:

    Interesting, seems today is not the day for roadnav users. I just installed it for the first time in about a year and am having the same issue. You posted this this morning… Google works fast.

  2. NavIt « Linux Sagas Says:

    […] By digitaleagle I was having trouble downloading the maps for RoadNav, and I didn’t notice a lot of progress or change on the problem.  So, I checked for […]

  3. Donovan Says:

    I was looking at the code…I don’t anything has been done in a while…but I think the name of files have changed by the USGS. I don’t know if this the same file but there is a file called instead of the “DECI” postscript. I changed the code and it seemed to work. Work meaning it stopped generating any errors. And actually, since it downloaded the file, it works much faster since it no longer has to download the file!

  4. digitaleagle Says:


    Thanks for the fix. I had noticed that the code seems a little old too. I will have to try your fix out.

    Actually, I have been trying out NavIt:

    I sort of like it better, except that it doesn’t find addresses well. I have to use Google Maps or something to find the destination first.

  5. freak3dot Says:

    I had this problem today. The USGS has changed their files. In the process of troubleshooting, I googled the name of the “DECI” file I was looking for. I found the file I was looking for. There is a site with a cache of those files.
    If you change the “GNIS DECI ROOT” (Preferences->URLs) to the error will go away.

    I don’t know how long the cache will be there but it is useful for now. It is probably safe to assume that it will be there longer if we don’t bombard it with lots of connections. Better yet, if we can get someone to make a backup of that data.


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