Linux Alternatives for OneNote

I found a couple of forums discussing options for alternatives for Microsoft’s OneNote.  I don’t really have time to research all of these, but I wanted to note them in case I had a chance to come back later and spend some time researching them more.

Here are the forums:


This option seemed to be the most popular.  I have used this a little, but I haven’t got into it that much.


This is a KDE application.


This one looks interesting, but it doesn’t look like it is WYSIWYG.  You might have to learn some formatting features.


Now, this one I have obviously used.  But, I would consider this more if you want to share your notes.


Stands for hierarchical notebook.




Gnome Vazaar

Newton Desktop Wiki



Other Related Links


2 Responses to “Linux Alternatives for OneNote”

  1. Amit | Web Design Says:

    Thanks for the list. It seems like you know your game 😉

    You should post more..

    Thanks & Good Luck


  2. 2010 in review « Linux Sagas Says:

    […] Linux Alternatives for OneNote October 2008 1 comment 4 […]

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