Webex in Ubuntu 8.10

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I can’t get WebEx to work with my new Ubuntu 8.10 installation.  It just gets stuck at this screen and does nothing:


If you get it to work, please comment any tips.  You can try with this link:



13 Responses to “Webex in Ubuntu 8.10”

  1. Donald Says:

    Yugma offers a Linux client that lets you not only join meetings, but host them too.

  2. digitaleagle Says:

    I tried Yugma, and it looks like a nice product. It does look like it requires a monthly fee if you want to give control of your desktop or get control of another person’s desktop. My problem is that my company has already purchased a WebEx account, and I don’t want to pay for another service.

    I did find a post that helped finally!

    The answer was to install ubuntu-restricted-extras —
    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

  3. Dave Says:


    I had the same problem and ubuntu-resctricted-extras fixed it for me.

    Now I can join a meeting but I can not see shared applications, only shared documents. Shared application only opens a solid black window. Tested with two Ubuntu 8.10 machines, both gives the same result.

    Any ideas?

    • digitaleagle Says:


      Thanks for the comment. It is great to know someone else out there is going through the same thing.

      On the shared applications, I haven’t tried that. We always just share the desktop. I used the shared desktop the other day and it worked with no problem. I will keep an eye out for solutions though.

  4. awoods Says:

    I am having the same issue with ubuntu 8.10, firefox 3.0.6. I get the screen you show with the initial posting.
    …and ubuntu-restricted-extras did not do the trick for me.
    I look forward to tracking this for a solution.

  5. digitaleagle Says:


    Take a look at this older post and see if it helps:

    Also, make sure that you have java installed. Here are the packages that I have installed:
    $ dpkg –get-selections | grep -i java
    java-common install
    libbackport-util-concurrent-java install
    libcommons-beanutils-java install
    libcommons-codec-java install
    libcommons-collections3-java install
    libcommons-digester-java install
    libcommons-logging-java install
    libdb-je-java install
    libdb4.5-java install
    libdb4.5-java-gcj install
    libdom4j-java install
    libjaxen-java install
    libjaxme-java install
    libjaxp1.3-java install
    libjaxp1.3-java-gcj install
    libjdom1-java install
    libjline-java install
    libjtidy-java install
    liblog4j1.2-java install
    liblog4j1.2-java-gcj install
    liblucene2-java install
    libregexp-java install
    libsaxonb-java install
    libservlet2.3-java install
    libxerces2-java install
    libxerces2-java-gcj install
    libxom-java install
    libxpp2-java install
    libxpp3-java install
    openoffice.org-java-common install
    sun-java6-bin install
    sun-java6-jdk install
    sun-java6-jre install
    sun-java6-plugin install
    sun-java6-source install

  6. Nate Says:

    I got it working
    had to install:


    Some folks talked about exporing the java home and path, but that didn’t make a differnce for me.

  7. awoods Says:

    Thanks for the hints/help, Nate and digitaleagle.
    The missing piece for me was:

    sudo apt-get install libstdc++5

    Works like a charm now.

  8. BillH Says:

    Installing libstdc++5 worked for me also.


  9. Renato Says:

    Worked for me too after installing
    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras
    sudo apt-get install libstdc++5

    I have Ubuntu 9.04 (jaunty) and Firefox 3.0.10

  10. Edward W. Says:


    Worked for me …
    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras
    on MacBook 2,1 & Interpid 8.10
    Don’t have to boot MacOS X when meeting approaches!

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