Skype Problems on Ubuntu 8.10

I have been having trouble getting Skype to work.  If anyone has any ideas, please post a comment.  I at least have it working, but the microphone is quiet.  Also, at this point, I only get output on the left speaker.

One thing that helped was going into the System > Preferences > Sessions and changing the Skype command from “skype” to “padsp skype”.

Here are some articles that I have looked at and tried:


2 Responses to “Skype Problems on Ubuntu 8.10”

  1. shreyas Says:

    i had a problem with microphone as well. what i did to get it working turned out to be pretty lame. in case u havent already tried it, unmuting mic will help. u can take a look at this post of mine – – to know how to do that.

  2. thegeeknme Says:

    Fresh Jaunty 9.04 here…

    I struggled with this for days until I 1) changed all my sound devices (for me it had to be on pulse) AND 2) unchecked the ‘allow Skype to automatically adjust my mixer levels'” AND 3) play around with your volume mixer settings till your test calls work.

    Now if I could just get the audio to work in webex…

    Hope it helps.

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