Next Fedora Name Suggestions

I came across this post about the Fedora naming process.  Name origins are always interesting, and so, it is interesting to read how they choose their names for each version.  Each version name has to have some sort of obscure relationship to the previous name.

You can read more about it and suggest your own idea here: Name suggestions for Fedora 14

The Countdown has Begun!

I check today for the countdown, and I now see we have 21 days until Ubuntu 10.04! Unfortunately, I can’t use the Javascript version of the countdown on this site, and the static version still has the 9.10 version on it.

Ubuntu: For Desktops, Servers, Netbooks and in the cloud

Also, while we are talking about it, I found an interesting article about new the release and the “Light” interface.

InfoWorld: Canonical’s desktop Linux OS fitted with new look and feel

RapidSVN: GUI Tool for Subversion

I just tried out RapidSVN to update a Gnome-RDP branch, and it worked pretty well.  I just installed it from Synaptic.

Here is the URL that I used to get just the branch:

I just used the checkout option from the Repository Menu to get the copy of the branch.


Then, I used Meld to copy my changes from my working directory into this branch.  Then, I used the Commit option in the Modify Directory.


Then, I found my commit online, and it looked like it did what I needed it to do.

Great Link: Game List from Fedora

I am not much of a game player, but I am always up for a list of software for Linux.  I just recently ran across this list of games on the Fedora Wiki:

Fedora Wiki: Games

I noticed though, that they didn’t list the one game that I have been playing: Super Tux Kart.  My 3-year old enjoys watching me play it, and I enjoy playing it, so it makes a good combination.  I have version 0.6.2, and I just noticed that they are coming out with a 0.7 version!

The other game that my son used to like to watch was Ri-Li.  I didn’t see that one in the list either.


I have seen this tool before, but I haven’t had a chance to use it until today.  I wanted to backup my computer before I installed a new version on Linux on it.  It was very easy to use.

Link: Website


Great Link: Traffic Ticket Revenge

Today, I found this great link that made me laugh:

JEFF KEMP ON ORACLE: SQL Injection License Plate

It looks like the original is here.  This takes the XKCD comic one step further — very funny.

Ubuntu Lucid Coming Soon

From what I am reading, the count down banners don’t come until 1 month before the release.  It looks like people are submitting different designs for the banners.  The release schedule says that Lucid will release on April 29th.

Here are some of the candidates.

I guess I will check back tomorrow to see if the banner is on the site for the count down.