VMWare Mounting in Linux

I found a nice description of how to use vmware-mount.pl in Linux.


Google Chrome Install

The other day I found that PlayOnLinux now has a script to install Chrome.  It works for me, but the main problem I have is that it doesn’t support https.


VMWare Control Keys Issue

I had trouble today where my control keys quite working.  It is the first time it has happened, and I haven’t the problem again since.  I found the solution here, and I plan to keep it handy just in case.

Fedora 10 Features

LXF just pointed me to an article listing some of the new features of Fedora 10.

Vista Virtual Machine

I finally had enough of trying to run Word 2007 on Wine.  It worked several times, but every time I really needed to use it, it would fail to start.  It would just hang on the splash screen.  Even more annoying was that the splash screen stayed on top obstructing my view of other windows.

So, I installed Vista as a virtual machine.  It works relatively well.  Here are a few links I found helpful in the process.


Kent and I found this neat little game.  At two years old, he is not quite able to play himself, but he seems to enjoy watching it in short bursts.  I guess I am a kid at heart because I don’t mind satisfying him.

Here is a quick screenshot of the game menu:

game-start by you.

Here is a quick screenshot of the game during play:

game-play by you.

So, thanks Dominique for writing this game.  We enjoy it!



More Screenshots

Open Publishing

I had been looking for this link a while ago and couldn’t remember the name:


I found it a long time because it was linked to Bob Young, one of the founders of Red Hat.  It seemed like a great option if I ever wanted to try to publish something.


Wikipedia: Lulu (company)