Great Link: Game List from Fedora

I am not much of a game player, but I am always up for a list of software for Linux.  I just recently ran across this list of games on the Fedora Wiki:

Fedora Wiki: Games

I noticed though, that they didn’t list the one game that I have been playing: Super Tux Kart.  My 3-year old enjoys watching me play it, and I enjoy playing it, so it makes a good combination.  I have version 0.6.2, and I just noticed that they are coming out with a 0.7 version!

The other game that my son used to like to watch was Ri-Li.  I didn’t see that one in the list either.


Kent and I found this neat little game.  At two years old, he is not quite able to play himself, but he seems to enjoy watching it in short bursts.  I guess I am a kid at heart because I don’t mind satisfying him.

Here is a quick screenshot of the game menu:

game-start by you.

Here is a quick screenshot of the game during play:

game-play by you.

So, thanks Dominique for writing this game.  We enjoy it!



More Screenshots